Water supply to Gauteng hospitals restored


Water supply was restored to several Gauteng hospitals on Friday morning.

Several hospitals in Gauteng, including the Helen Joseph Hospital, Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, the Zola Community Health Center and the Dr. Yusuf Dadoo Hospital, has been without water since Monday, largely due to a shortage of power to pump water to the respective reservoirs.

The Gauteng Department of Health has confirmed that the problem has now been resolved and water supply stabilized to most institutions, except the Dr. Yusuf Dadoo Hospital in the West Rand. Water tankers will still be used there. Although power has been restored, it will take days for reservoirs to refill and stabilize.

“The Department of Health continues to work with the relevant authorities to ensure reliable and sustainable water supply for the health facilities. This will enable us to provide uninterrupted healthcare services to the community,” the statement said.

RNews previously reported that the problem is believed to be due to damage done to City Power’s power systems. This caused Rand Water’s Eikenhof pumping station to not work and in turn meant that water could not be pumped to reservoirs in Soweto and Johannesburg.