‘We help’, says Israel


Israel says it has scaled back its attacks on Gaza and troops have already begun withdrawing. However, the country has no intention of suspending its military action in the Gaza Strip.

Omri Sender, legal representative of Israel’s Department of Foreign Affairs, said in the International Court of Justice on Friday that more atrocities by Hamas would follow if the country stopped its retaliatory campaign.

On Friday, Israel took its case to the United Nations’ highest court in the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands, after South Africa accused it of violating the UN Genocide Convention.

However, Israel labels it as a “false and malicious complaint” by a country that enjoys close relations with Hamas.

Israel, which insists on its right to defend itself, on Friday denied South Africa’s claim that it has plunged the people of Gaza into starvation and is doing nothing to resolve the humanitarian crisis in the enclave.

“Israel has repeatedly stated publicly that there is no limit to the amount of food, water, shelter or medical supplies that can be brought into Gaza,” Sender argued.

According to him, South Africa also failed to mention in its arguments that Israel is doing everything possible to provide humanitarian aid and that there are currently more trucks with aid traveling to Gaza than before the war.

According to him, Israel is also currently facilitating the delivery of bottled water and medical care in the Gaza Strip.

“Gaza’s infrastructure was definitely damaged during the conflict. However, South Africa wants the court to believe that Israel is deliberately and illegally destroying homes for no reason. But damage to legitimate military objectives and damage caused as a result of Hamas’ actions are not evidence of genocide.”

Israel also does not deny that civilians in Gaza are suffering because of conflict between it and Hamas. He does point the finger at the Palestinian terrorist group that launched an unprecedented surprise attack on Israel on October 7 last year.

A retaliatory campaign is still ongoing months later.

“Despite Israel’s efforts to mitigate damage, many civilians in Gaza are undoubtedly suffering because of the war that Hamas started,” argued Galit Raguan, director of the international law division in the Israeli Department of Justice.

Raguan says Israel is doing everything possible to minimize the damage in Gaza while Hamas allegedly steals humanitarian aid intended for civilians and uses civilian infrastructure for its own protection.

RNews reported earlier that Israel believes South Africa’s complaint against it is “thoroughly distorted” and does not reflect the realities of the Gaza war.

The country also emphasized that it acted in self-defense and that the response was not aimed at the Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip.

Israel has since concluded its demonstration.