Weapons now also in Buffelsfontein’s arsenal


With his razor-sharp wit and humorous innovations, Meyer le Roux began to provide Afrikaans-speakers with a lot of fun with his tongue-in-cheek Buffelsfontein beard oil advertisements that were widely distributed on social media.

The beard oil was followed up with Buffelsfontein cattle farming, Buffelsfontein barber, Buffelsfontein brandy, Buffelsfontein whisked coffee and Buffelsfontein productions, which became popular due to its innovative approach with an undertone of pure Afrikaans language.

Le Roux also has a soft spot for the Afrikaner and farmers’ cause and contributes generously to projects to help them.

The latest Buffelsfontein addition is arms and ammunition and this has become a reality with the takeover of NSN guns and ammunition in Silverton, Pretoria.

Le Roux is a hunter and sports shooter with a shooting range on his farm, but ammunition has become extremely expensive. He told RNews that he and his partner have been involved in sport shooting for years now and the biggest consideration for the takeover is the cost price of ammunition.

“However, when we started researching the industry, it became clear that it is a very interesting field to enter,” he says.

Just like with his other enterprises, Le Roux promises that Buffelsfontein weapons will also offer a unique experience. “Our focus is going to be totally different from the old shop’s, with the possible exception of black powder firearms.

“We are also currently in the process of building a very fast, user-friendly website – of course we would appreciate any input from people as soon as it comes online to make it as ready for use as possible.”

Le Roux has been outspoken about gun ownership given the crime crisis crippling South Africans. He believes it is absolutely unavoidable that every South African must be able to defend himself or herself.

“Open your bloody eyes and ears! Your resilience lies in your own hands. You absolutely cannot trust any agency to keep you and your family safe every second of the day. We live in lion’s world, keep your own teeth sharp!” he says.

He is also serious about the organized gun industry and is a member of Natshoot, which he says offers great customer service and has a website that is easy to use.

The talks with NSN started in April and the official opening is planned for 18 August.