Weekend of load shedding awaits


Just stoke the barbecue fire, because a long weekend of varying load-shedding phases lies ahead.

Eskom said a short time ago “due to the need to fill up the emergency reserves in preparation for the coming week”, as well as due to the loss of three generating units over the past 24 hours, phase 2 load shedding will kick in on Friday at 16:00 and continue until 20 :00 duration.

Stage 3 will then run until Saturday at 05:00.

After this, phase 2 will resume until Saturday at 20:00, after which phase 3 will last again until Sunday at 05:00.

Eskom will keep a close eye on the situation and release information on the state of affairs again on Sunday afternoon.

Unplanned maintenance work has resulted in the loss of generation capacity of 15,409 MW, while 6,261 MW is unavailable due to planned maintenance work.

Crews are working hard to ensure the additional generating capacity is brought back online as soon as possible. By Monday morning, an expected 3,570 MW will be added to the network. At this stage, the expected demand for power during the evening peak is 25,857 MW.

Date Day Phase Start End
March 22, 2024 Friday 16:00
2 16:00 20:00
3 20:00 24:00
March 23, 2024 Saturday 3 00:00 05:00
2 05:00 20:00
3 20:00 24:00
March 24, 2024 Sunday 3 00:00 05:00
1 05:00 16:00