Weight Loss: Come share in my personal journey


I’ve always joked that there are many things in my life that are stable, my weight just isn’t one of them.

From skinny to average, and finally overweight – the roller coaster ride I’ve put my body on for the past five years is almost too overwhelming to contemplate. Before I make myself comfortable again on the seesaw, this time to make the scale look a little nicer, I should probably create some context.

I was the “chubby kid” at school. I saw my first dietician already at the age of 9. This is also my first memory of feeling “different”. After that, I may not have eaten my beloved orange Fanta, or Inside Story chocolate bars (remember them?). It was also when I started looking at myself with different eyes.

I suddenly noticed that all the other little girls around me had such pretty, flat magic. I lay in bed in the evenings, rubbing my hands over my stomach and wishing it would just go away. Looking back on those days now, I feel very sorry for that little, insecure little girl. How could she now understand the complicated nature of a relationship with food?

Throughout my school career, the spotlight was repeatedly placed on my weight. I’ve tried everything that is a crash diet, and even joined a few different gyms. Although this part of my history forms a very large part of my relationship with food and my body, I know that I am not alone. I know that there are going to be dozens of people who are going to know exactly how that feels.

At my matric farewell, dressed in the most beautiful blue, there was one piece of comment that finally tore open that knife wound I had about my weight.

“You look pretty for a fat girl.”

Siestog, the girl who told me this, had a heart of gold and didn’t mean to take me in the face. However, I then decided to go this far and no further. I shed 20 kilograms in three months. I would go to college skinny.

Arriving in Potchefstroom, I was the skinny girl I dreamed of as a young girl. Still, my relationship with food didn’t necessarily get better. By my third year, I was eating one meal a day and the later I would eat, the better.

I lost more weight by the day, and also got more and more compliments. That one old measly meal, started getting smaller and smaller. I even packed my scale when we left for fear that I might gain weight. What was once a mere voice in the back of my head, screamed hoarse.

Over time, the little voice started to get quieter and quieter, so much so that I could completely hug her when I felt like quenching my emotions with a plate of pasta or a glass of wine. And so another mountain began to form in front of me – I’m going to have to rethink my lifestyle and eating habits at some point, because I’m only 25 years old. I’m going to have to saddle up the weight loss horse again and rein it in properly.

A matter of prayer

There hasn’t been a day in the past two years that I haven’t prayed, actually begged, for self-discipline and motivation.

It is a prayer that many people, especially women, know very well. Then I’m still stubborn too, because why should one accept help if you managed it yourself in the past? I have realized many things since I decided to put everything in to lose weight again, but one of the biggest things is that no, but no, man is an island. No matter how much confidence you display.

This is exactly why I decided to embark on a journey with Slender Wonder. It was time to put my stubbornness in the bag, and after paying my first visit to their head office in Brooklyn, Pretoria earlier this week, I don’t regret it.

Look, I’m just an ordinary woman who longs to feel good again in my own skin and clothes. An ordinary woman who has been depressed about my weight for a long time. And an ordinary woman who is nervous today, but ready to make a difference in my life. Not for others, but for myself. This is how one gets healthy – from the inside out.

Today I want to invite you to take this journey with me. I solemnly promise today not to change diapers. To write about the emotional, mental and physical aspects of weight loss.

Maybe, just maybe, you – also an ordinary woman – decide to take this step in your life.