Werner de Jager planned murder over policies, court heard


On Monday, more charges were brought against Werner de Jager, who is suspected of murdering his wife.

De Jager (45) is accused of having his wife, Rev. Liezel de Jager, killed two years ago.

Liezel’s body, then associated with the NG Suidkus congregation, was discovered in the driveway of the family’s vicarage house on Amanzimtoti. She was overpowered and strangled just after returning from her morning jogging session with friends.

Werner claimed at the time that he came across Liezel and then called a security company.

Werner appeared again in the magistrate’s court in Amanzimtoti on Monday. This time the state has indicated that he will now stand trial on charges of premeditated murder.

This decision was taken after additional charges of fraud were filed against Werner.

According to the indictment, Werner would benefit from two life policies in Liezel’s name. The state argues that Werner was the sole beneficiary of the policies and that Werner then allegedly planned to get rid of Liezel by killing her.

He was initially charged with premeditated murder, a schedule 5 offence. Premeditated murder is a Schedule 6 offence, meaning the onus will be on Werner to provide extraordinary reasons for his release.

Werner’s case was adjourned until next week and he remains in custody until then.

Ian Cameron, director of pressure group Action Society, welcomed the delay.

“This man – like any other suspect who has been arrested because he is suspected of violence against women or children – should not be allowed to set foot outside the prison while he is being investigated,” says Cameron.

“De Jager made Liezel’s loved ones, including her parents and two daughters, go through excruciating pain and grief. And he continues this by lying. His actions after Liezel’s death also caused further suffering for the family. He must remain in custody to prevent further loss of life.”

Cameron referred to an incident, shortly after Liezel’s murder, when Werner went missing. Days later, he was found in a critical condition in a sugarcane plantation and had to be admitted to hospital.

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