Winds of change blow over ‘The Bridge’ this week


In a surprising twist, an outside horse player made his appearance on Tuesday evening The Bridge made Houthuis. Jacques Broodryk, well-known AfriForum man,’s arrival was a huge surprise and caused quite a stir among the rest of the players.

Viewers already got a hint of a possible new participant in last week’s episode of this kykNET reality series. However, the rest of the participants were blissfully unaware of this fresh breeze that would soon blow over them.

Jacques, a spokesperson for AfriForum in Pretoria, is not an unfamiliar face. Over the years, he visited the box many times, and was in, among other things Domestics and kykNET Report to see Today he is back in the spotlight, this time as The Bridge ‘s mysterious outside horse player.

“I could clearly see there are places where I can make a contribution to speed up the building process,” Jacques told RNews. “I knew that it could go in two directions: people were either going to feel threatened by me, which could count against me, or they could see that I add value and therefore should remain part of the team.”

“That was the duel I sat with. However, I realized that I just have to do what needs to be done, I can’t control how people react.”

In the latest episode, Jacques did not hesitate to suggest some changes to the team’s process. These changes, which included a towing device for the planks and logs, were received with open arms by the group. This, of course, after the rest of the contestants got over their initial shock about the new contestant.

Although Jacques was ready to jump in and work, a cold caught him and the group’s leader, Avril, immediately sent him to bed. This later came to take care of Jacques, and even stuffed a few sliced ​​onions into his shirt and socks.

“I appreciated that some of the people in the group were so concerned, but it was very frustrating for me to be sick. I’m just coming in on the back foot, groups have already formed and I’m the outsider. I wanted to prove my place and then the disease hit me again. It was a very big setback for me.”

The rest of the participants had to greet a player, Arnold, before Jacques arrived. They also already had quite a few safe rafts on the water, and slowly but surely began to form friendships and alliances since the start of the challenge.

Although Jacques could not immediately identify who was standing in which corner, he knew for sure that he was behind, as friendships had already been formed among the players, and that he was going to have to work even harder to defend his place in the construction team. .

Along with that, says Jacques, the players consist of a diverse group of people. These are people whose paths would never cross under normal circumstances. “That’s why I couldn’t find out who were partners and who weren’t when I stepped in.” However, his focus was not on the groups at all, but on the building work.

However, no one would have guessed that the episode would end with Jacques having to vote someone off, not even Jacques himself. A torch shot, and the news was shared: there would be a removal. Jacques admits that at first he thought he was on his way home, as he was too ill to make his way properly.

Instead, he was the one who had to identify someone to pack their bags.

“I was relieved because it wasn’t me going home, but I also realized that I didn’t know how I was going to make this decision. I don’t know the people well enough, I don’t know who fits in where, who contributes, who is a problem, or who could potentially cause conflict.

“It was a very difficult choice. I ended up having to go with a random choice, but also with instinct. That’s how I made the decision.”

  • Tune in next week to find out who finally sent Jacques home.
  • The Bridge is broadcast Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.