Wolff hopes Mercedes has more bite in 2024


A few seasons ago, Mercedes was so to speak unstoppable in the fast-paced world of F1. One manufacturer title followed another and Lewis Hamilton was picking up world titles left and right.

But these days, Red Bull wields the scepter with Max Verstappen, who is constantly watching the progress of Hamilton and George Russell in his rear-view mirror.

Still, Toto Wolff is optimistic about Mercedes’ chances in 2024; even if Hamilton has already indicated that he will move behind the wheel of a Ferrari next year.

The new W15 was recently unveiled and the Silwer Pyle team boss is keeping his fingers crossed that the race car will once again stoke the team’s fire.

“I’m excited about the upcoming season and of course I’m curious to see how the new car does on the racetrack,” said Wolff.

The Austrian is keeping his fingers crossed that Mercedes has sorted out some of its chassis problems from 2023.

“We have a mountain to climb to get ahead again, but we are determined to do it. Last season we were involved in a fierce battle with Ferrari, McLaren and sometimes Aston Martin, while there was a big gap between Red Bull and the rest of us. Hopefully we are now taking a step in the right direction; closer to Red Bull.”

However, Wolff warned that he does not expect a miracle.

“Red Bull has a very successful car; they are the benchmark for the other teams. I don’t know when we’re going to beat them – I’m not a seer – but we’ll soon know where we stand.”