Woman raises half a million ‘Who becomes a millionaire?’ loose


For the second time since the kykNET programme, Who becomes a millionaire?kicked off in 2021, a participant walked away with R500 000 in his pocket.

Susan Booyens (55) put her general knowledge to the test in tonight’s (July 5) broadcast of this popular quiz show, and it really paid off. It was also not the first time that this participant made her appearance on the box.

Susan was the presenter of the game show at the time, Very faston kykNET and she has only the fondest memories of this program.

“It was in the early years of kykNET, in 2000, it was basically the same format as the old one Smart thinking, and my friend Dawid van Lill, champion of champions, drafted the questions; with dear Edwill van Aarde, former presenter, as arbiter,” says Susan.

“I can ask questions very quickly, I think Tom Larney and I once rattled off 15 questions and answers in 60 seconds for the rapid fire section! The series was unfortunately never continued for administrative reasons, which is a shame, it was a joyous experience and so right up my alley.”

The first participant who dropped half a million on the program was the business journalist and author, Theunis Strydom. The possibility of following in his footsteps is something Susan didn’t think about at first. Although she admits that she suspected that if she progressed past the “fast fingers” round, the game would not be too difficult for her.

Still, this contestant admits that she didn’t hesitate to take a guess in a cool-headed way.

“Hey guess, I was just born this way, stroesbob, no secrets – as soon as a microphone or camera comes on, I become as happy and calm as a fish in water, absolutely in my element. So, I was calm!”

“I should add, Who becomes a millionaire? executive producer Lindi Lucouw’s information session with the participants beforehand was worth its weight in gold, she reminds us if you are unsure about the answer, talk to Rian, take your time and figure it out, don’t immediately hand over the property.”

However, a question about prime minister Jan Smuts is the one that got her down in the end. She has no regrets about the fact that she decided against taking a chance with this question.

“Oh, it’s easy to speculate after the time, but no, my glass is always full instead of half or empty. I am deeply grateful for the solid windfall that I did receive.

“Just going to compete was daring enough, and to progress past the ‘Fast Fingers’ round was already amazing.”

She also decided to save her prize money for now for “a safe little kiss for the future.”

  • Who becomes a millionaire?is broadcast on Wednesday evenings at 20:00 on kykNET (DStv channel 144).