Woods and Timberlake get wind from the front


Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake’s plans for a business venture in St. Andrews in Scotland where you can eat, drink and play, got the wind from the front.

The iconic golf star and world-renowned musician wants their new T-Squared Social Club concept in the famous university town just a stone’s throw away from the famous St. Andrews Golf Course establish.

The St. Andrews Course is considered the home of golf with the game first played on the town’s old course in the fifteenth century.

Woods has a special connection with the St. Andrews course in that he won two of his three prestigious British Open titles on this Scottish Links layout in 2000 and 2005.

Woods and Timberlake’s T-Squared Social Club includes covered areas where interactive golf can be played, as well as other sports such as skittles and darts.

The venues also have numerous bars and different eateries that have dozens of televisions on which major sporting events can be followed.

At the end of September, the two Yanks opened their first T-Squared Social Club in Manhattan, New York, near Grand Central Station.

Interest is running high and the new venture has taken off, exceeding Woods and Timberlake’s expectations.

After their unexpected success in New York, the pair decided to hold a second T-Squared in St. Andrews to establish.

The town’s cinema, New Picture House Cinema, in North Street just around the corner from the Royal & Ancient Golf Club’s clubhouse, was identified as the perfect home.

The 90-year-old theater building would be converted and adapted to house the new business. One movie screen will be retained in order to be able to show more movies on a large screen from now on.

However, upset residents and students were furious when Woods’ plans became known.

The president of the St. Andrews Film Society, Ash Johann Curry-Machado, immediately launched a petition against the golf star and musician’s plans.

Within seven days, nearly 10,000 people signed the petition opposing the plans for a second T-Squared.

“The proposed plans are out of touch with what the residents and students need and will damage the town’s rich tradition and history. One movie screen is not enough for the town’s needs,” says Curry-Machado.

Neil Dobson, a council member of the St. Andrews Community Forum, says Woods and Timberlake’s plans are inappropriate and do not show the necessary respect for the town’s tradition and history.

“If the theater closes, there will be nothing left for the children.

“It’s an iconic building and to establish an American sports bar in it is not appropriate. The town is already being overrun by American tourists. What will be next? Trump buying the West Sands to open a hotel?” complained Dobson.

The West Sands is a popular strip of land by the sea just outside the town centre.

A local resident, Chris Main, soon complained the loudest.

He described Woods and Timberlake’s plans as a charity project of two multimillionaires who want to make historical landmarks disappear for their own gain.

Another resident, the writer Henry Roberts, says St. Andrews already has enough bars and drunk tourists.

“There is no need for another reason to further divide the community,” Roberts said of the T-Squared plans.

The Fife Council meets next week and Woods and Timberlake’s application for their new venture will then apparently go before the council.

Until then, the two superstars will have to keep their fingers crossed that they have enough followers and support to make their Scottish dreams come true.

Sources: The Scotsman, golf.com.