World Cup fever catches fire in ‘Kokkedoor’ kitchen


A few rugby balls, an ex-Springbok captain, an exchange trophy and a can of Australian Vegemite were used for major sports in the latest episode of the kykNET braai series, Kokkedoor Fire & Flamecared for.

Wynand Claassen, who was the Springbok captain in 1981 and 1982, joined Bertus Basson and Kobus Botha as guest judge to facilitate a giant barbecue and rugby challenge. Of the 20 braaiers who picked up their braai tongs a few weeks ago, there are only a mere 12 left, each ready to show what they still have.

Each of the six remaining barbecue teams had to choose a rugby playing country at random, and had to conjure up some traditional dishes from that chosen country. They also had to use each country’s unique grilling method to prepare the food.

“If you want to understand someone, you have to understand their food,” Bertus told the participants.

The Scots, Namibians, Irish, Australians, Argentines and British were represented in this challenge. An ingredient box filled with these countries’ favorite foods, including Australian Vegemite, a unique bread spread that makes dozens of people turn up their noses, was waiting for the participants. However, Ashley and Nicole, who represented Australia, were not afraid of this smear and walked away at the end of the challenge with the approval of all three judges.

For Cindy and Joubert, who himself played for the Pumas in his days, it was an Argentinian smoked dish that won the hearts of the three judges. With meat and vegetable dishes that are hung on chains and cooked, this team was able to show that they have extensive knowledge of the Argentine cooking style.

However, it was Gert and Karen, who represented Namibia, who eventually walked away as the winners of this challenge.

Kinkelbraier Borries and memory roaster Lara were apparently not sitting next to the same fire again. Borries stands firm in his food knowledge, while he often underestimates and dictates to Lara, although she has proven numerous times in this braai challenge that her own food knowledge is not to be underestimated.

This narrowness led to sharp criticism from the judges’ quarters, although Borries maintained that this criticism was unfounded.

Nate and MandrĂ©, who represent France, also struggled to win the judges’ favour, and together with Borries and Lara ended up in the bottom pool of teams.

However, Wynand was more than just a guest judge in this challenge – he was also the bearer of good news that no one was going home.

“Barbecuing outdoors is the great equalizer. Everyone struggled, everyone sweated and everyone smelled of smoke, but sun, rain or wind – we barbecue,” is how remembered barbecuer, Bertus, described this silly, yet challenging, day around the barbecue fires.

  • Kokkedoor Fire & Flame is broadcast every Thursday at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.