World Cup: Scots crush Romania


A lot of work awaits World Rugby’s rule-makers to ensure that all countries agree to abide by the rules.

It stood out like a sore eye in Lille on Saturday night when Scotland achieved an 84-0 runaway victory over Romania in Group B of the World Cup tournament.

It was the Scots’ second biggest victory ever in a World Cup tournament after they achieved an 89-0 victory over Ivory Coast in 1995 in Rustenburg, South Africa. They then scored 13 tries.

The Scots beat Japan 100 – 8 in 2004 for their biggest win ever in Test rugby.

The Scots scored 12 tries on Saturday night and kept the door slightly open to qualify for the quarter-finals. This can happen if they manage to beat Ireland with a bonus point victory in Paris this coming Saturday and ensure that the Irish do not earn a bonus point. In addition, the Springboks must not achieve a bonus point victory over Tonga on Sunday evening.

Romania, who have already conceded 242 points and scored just eight points in three games in this year’s World Cup tournament, will urgently have to return to the drawing board, because to cope with only 12 players for a long time due to illegal shoulder-to- head tackles are a very big problem.

No team can do without three players (Robert Irimescu, Florian Rosu and Marius Simionescu). The Oaks, as the team is known, struggled with 15 men, what about 12 players against 15?

Romania, who slipped into the World Cup tournament after Spain were kicked out for breaching residency qualifications, were completely unprepared.

Still, one has to feel sorry for the players, who were led to the slaughter like lambs.

The Scots were not distracted and kept within the rules. Yes, it’s probably easy when you’re only playing against 12 or 13 players and you’re on the front foot all the time, but watch out for the Scots.

The coach, Gregor Townsend, made 13 changes to the team after the previous game and can be very pleased with his depth.

Saturday night’s selection was full-back Ollie Smith, the mercurial winger Darcy Graham (he scored four tries with his speed, anticipation and sidesteps), as well as Kyle Steyn, the centers Sam Harris and Cam Redpath and the link pair Ben Healy and Ali Price.

Up front it was one-way traffic, because how do you weigh a team with 15 players against 12?

However, the Scots’ turbulent Hamish Watson, Grant Gilchrist and Sam Skinner were boiling water.

Scorers: Scotland 84 (42): Tries: Hamish Watson, Ali Price, Darcy Graham (4), Matt Fagerson, Chris Harris, Ollie Smith, Ben Healy, Jonny Matthews, Rory Darge. Goals: Healy (11), George Horne.

Romania: 0.