Young artists excited about growing SA movie, TV industry


The movies and content created this year by young and emerging artists in the entertainment industry for the 11th kykNET Silver Screen Festival prove that this industry is healthy and hungry for more.

Short films like Karen, Thrift to death, Full chest, A death for silence, Ash, Dance that the rushes tremble, The black dragon awakens and Fever already has a festival-goer buzzing this year, with a whole slew of these short films nominated for a Silver Screen Festival award.

Karen is a comedy and was written by Almero Welgemoed (25). When her hysteria over an allergic reaction results in a misunderstanding, Susan (Laura-Lee Mostert) accidentally drives away with a handbag full of a coffee shop’s cash.

The media then portrays her as a criminal and she makes headlines on the internet. All mercy for Susan is to make plans with the help of her bombastic mother (Franci Swanepoel) to return the money to the waitress who served her.

Laura-Lee (27) was nominated as best actress in a short film for her role as Susan. She tells RNews she had a slow start in the industry.

“I studied drama in the Cape after which (the actor and comedian) Bouwer Bosch noticed me and offered me various roles in commercials and other work behind the scenes of various productions.

“Bouwer is friends with Almero and when I heard about the movie and read the hilarious text, I wanted to be part of the project.”

Almero says the movie was inspired by an idea that his brother, Nico Welgemoed, initially had.

“He saw a video on Instagram that reminded him of a story line for a movie. We played with ideas for a long time and eventually the movie developed into what it is now.”

This is the last movie in which Franci is seen. She died in October last year at the age of 50. The team of the movie is full of praise for this beloved actress.

It is equally sad for Laura-Lee and Almero that Franci never saw the movie.

“She was so down to earth and told us she hoped she made us proud. Imagine hearing that from someone like her. When she arrived on the set, you realized again that she is also only human and she treated us all so well,” says Almero.

“For younger actresses, it is so important to see older, seasoned actresses who are not full of frills,” says Laura-Lee.

In Thrift to death, starring Anré Bouguenon, the mysterious Janel runs a second-hand clothing store. Here she lives out her passion to give new life to clothes that deserve another chance.

When three hipsters visit her shop and tell them how they want to buy clothes to cut up for their own purposes, it upsets her and she tries to convince them to change their minds.

Ruth (Bouguenon), the group’s catty leader, reacts contemptuously and laughs at her. However, Ruth’s venom has deadly consequences, because old Janel is not as harmless as she seems.

The movie uses puppetry and special effects to give movement to the garments, which seek revenge on Ruth.

“I loved the text from the beginning and immediately said yes to the project. It is any up-and-coming actor’s dream to come and be part of the Silver Screen Festival and to be able to experience storytelling at this level.”

Thrift to death was produced by Duan Wanty. Arné Adriaan Boshoff wrote the screenplay and directed. Regardt Visser did the editing.

Anré (29), who was also nominated for a Silver Screen Award for best actress in a short film, says she had a great time playing with the clothes.

“I threw myself absolutely into that world and believed those clothes were there to get me,” she laughs.

She is excited about the new stories and fresh faces that appear on the big screens at the Silver Screen Festival year after year.

“There is a refreshing variety of content on offer and we don’t just see the same faces we are used to.”

The Silver Screen Awards event will be broadcast tomorrow (Sunday 27 August) at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.

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