Young auctioneer makes bidders shake their bags: ‘Do I see R16 000 there?’


If there are two things that eight-year-old Zak Thuynsma has mastered, it is how to market a boran cattle and a biltong farmer.

This Free State farm boy did not aim too high when he told RNews last week that he wanted to auction off his first lot – a biltong user – for R20 000 during the national drill auction in Paris.

On Saturday, Klein Zak finally got a bidder R17 000 out of pocket for this biltong farmer from Vleissentraal.

And look, Zak marketed this bouquet with just as much enthusiasm as he marketed his father, Niel, from the Thuynsma Boran stud near Hoopstad.

“My mouth is watering, it looks so good,” Zak opened the bid on Saturday at R1 000.

“R1 000 … R1 000, does anyone have R2 000?”

The price was driven higher and higher after that.

“R2 000, R2 000. Does anyone have R3 000?

“Come on, Kolskoot… get your payment machine out here.

“Uncle MC here is nice sweet in for you You can go eat this. Then you hide it from your wife,” says a confident Zak to one uncle MC.

The offers then quickly exceed R10 000, R11 000, R12 000 … R15 000.

“Do I see a R16 000 there?

“You there… do you have R17 000 there?

“Is everyone done? Okay, all out, all done, no more,” he then says, referring to his favorite auctioneer, Johan van der Nest’s sayings on the auction floor.

RNews reported earlier that Vleissentraal asked Zak to auction off the biltong during the auction with the help of Van der Nest, his favorite auctioneer, after he had earlier stolen hearts with his marketing video for his father’s stud.

This expensive marketing video was shared far and wide and was viewed around 34,000 times within two weeks.