Young man dies after stabbing outside hangout


“Son, how do I start tomorrow without you? How am I supposed to go on every day without you? You were my pillar of support…”

So reads a post on Charlotte Seaborne’s Facebook page after her son, Celvin, died early Saturday morning in a fight in Pretoria.

“You were only 21 years old. You still wanted to have your own children, you still wanted to get married… but in the blink of an eye you were robbed of your life.”

The young man’s death also follows shortly after the sensational Klerksdorp incident in which a father from the city was left in a critical condition after a fight.

According to Lizelle Herbst, a family friend of the Seaborne family, Celvin went to the Langarm Club in Mountain View in Pretoria with his girlfriend on Friday evening.

“When they finished visiting in the morning and were on their way to the car, they saw a fight between three people at the gas station across the road.

“We don’t know if Celvin’s car was parked nearby or if Celvin went to the fight after realizing that it was someone he knew who was involved,” says Herbst.

“He was not part of the fight himself; I think he wanted to get the boy who was being beaten away from the fight. As I understand it, Celvin called the boy and told him to ride with them.”

According to Herbst, one of the people involved then allegedly attacked Celvin and hit him from behind.

“Celvin immediately fell to the ground; we suspect that he died immediately.

“His girlfriend said that she ran up to him and asked if he was okay… she said he was still looking at her, but his eyes were already glassy and there was blood and white foam coming out of his mouth and nose.”

Paramedics who were called to the scene pronounced Celvin dead.

“Apparently it only took one blow, we don’t know if it was with his fist or with an object, but one blow was enough to leave a mother’s heart broken forever,” says Herbst.

“Celvin was the most beautiful child with the biggest heart. He was a loving teddy bear, that’s all I can describe him. He really had an extra special place in our lives.

“He was very loved by many people. He was always laughing, you didn’t just see him angry. He was always friendly and always had time for a joke.”

An investigating officer from the Sunnyside police informed Charlotte on Saturday that the person who allegedly assaulted her son had turned himself in to the police. He was taken into custody.

The suspect briefly appeared in court on Monday and the case was adjourned until Wednesday for further investigation.