Young people are thirsty for this expensive bottle


If you have a teenager or TikToker in the house, the chances are good that you have already heard of a Stanley Cup, specifically the “Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler”.

These expensive bottles, which can be easily identified by their large handle and thick rubber straws, are one of the latest overseas fads on social media to catch fire in South Africa.

What makes these expensive bottles, which will cost you between R1 199 and R2 000, so popular?

Who is Stanley?

The Stanley steel vacuum flask was invented in 1913 by the American William Stanley Jr. design.

Thanks to his work with transformers, Stanley discovered that with a unique welding process he could insulate a vacuum bottle with steel rather than glass, and keep the contents cold or hot for longer.

Stanley died already in 1916 at the age of 57. His brand was bought over by a New York investment company that continued to develop new products and expand the product range.

The now famous “Stanley Quencher” bottle was launched in 2016 in shades of a range of soft colors with women as the target market.

Although early sales were not promising, a highly successful influencer marketing campaign for the Quencher bottle was launched in 2019 after Terence Reilly, former CEO of Crocs, was appointed.

Sales of Quenchers have consequently increased by 275% between 2019 and 2021, with $750 million in sales in the past year, and a world market that is increasingly thirsty for their sip from this popular jar.

According to a report from the New York TimesStanley bottle cups have caught fire especially among health and environmentally conscious teenagers on TikTok since 2022 thanks to the convenient size that fits easily in a car’s cup holder, the ability to keep drinks cold or hot almost all day, and the choice it offers to directly to swallow from it or drink from a straw.

Stanley Cup drinkers can even purchase accessories like pouches to personalize their flask.

Fires, long queues and resale upheavals

The #StanleyCup hashtag has nearly 7.2 billion hits worldwide to date thanks to the influence of especially American TikTok consumers and influencers.

The brand’s claim that the jar is nearly unbreakable was put to the test last year when TikTok user @danimarielettering filmed the inside of her burned-out car. It shows her Stanley cup by the driver’s seat, still sturdy and intact with frozen ice cubes inside.

This video received nearly 9 million views and further promoted the Stanley Flask’s apparent durability. Since then, consumers have been lining up, either online or in person, to get their hands on a Stanley Quencher jar.

The BBC reports that the so-called “Stanley craze” has also created a resale culture, where especially limited versions are hawked for three to four times the retail price.

This product is currently still hard to find in South Africa and flies off the shelves of stores such as Trappers and Outdoor Warehouse.

The brand also constantly warns against cheap, counterfeit versions.

The question now is, of course, how long will the Stanley craze last before consumer interest properly dries up?

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