Young singer Krisjan shows his deeper side


If the young singer Krisjan is not busy with music, he is a genuine farmer’s boy who farms sheep and goats on a farm outside Hartenbos in the Western Cape.

Krisjan, whose real name is Johannes Christiaan Leonard, tells RNews that he has been on the farm for about 11 years now, but that he grew up in Bloemfontein in the Free State.

The 25-year-old singer recently wrote the single, “Vuur”, together with the seasoned musician, Pierre Rossouw.

He says he grew up in a musical household, with his grandfather and grandmother on his mother’s side, as well as his aunts and uncles, who sang regularly from his childhood.

According to Krisjan, he liked to entertain people from an early age.

“If I can make people laugh and feel good, then I feel good too. I am a born entertainer.”

He says “Vuur” is also a very personal song for him. “The song tells that two extremes cannot necessarily work together, do not necessarily fit together. I also experienced this in a previous relationship.

“The title can also be a metaphor, because it describes so many things in life. In the clip, it describes two people who just shouldn’t be together, even though they also love each other very much.”

Krisjan says that with this song he moved slightly away from the pop genre. “I have grown a lot as an artist in the last three years. I want to show my fans that I also have a deeper side.”

Krisjan describes himself as a deep-thinking, barefoot, down-to-earth singer who has formed a strong bond with mother nature and farm animals. When he’s not making music on stage or farming his calves, he spends time with his girlfriend, Desiré.

“I’m ready to do more shows around the country. The more shows and festivals we can do, the merrier.”

“Fire” is available on all major digital platforms.