YouTubers behind Prime energy drink from the richest content creators


Logan Paul and Olajide Olatunji (better known as KSI), the YouTube stars and brains behind the internationally popular energy drink Prime, have just taken another big gulp of financial success and the magazine Forbes ‘s Top 50 Creator list for the most influential international content creators.

RNews previously reported that Prime was launched in the US, UK and Australia in 2022 before flying off store shelves in South Africa this year, again highlighting the global buying power of social media and influencers.

Since its launch, this drink boasts sales of nearly $250 million (about R4.5 billion) and this year became the official sports drink for the football clubs Arsenal and FC Barcelona.

However, Paul and Olatunji are only two of 50 YouTubers, TikTokers and influencers who this year used their combined 2.6 billion followers to bring in an estimated $700 million (about R13 billion) in earnings thanks to their digital talents.

Thousands of internet personalities’ estimated earnings, follower numbers, social media interactions, content reach, as well as entrepreneurial activities were taken into account to rank the world’s top content creators.

Paul and Olatunji occupy sixth and second place respectively on this ranking.

According to social media research firm, Influencer Marketing Hub, content creator and influencer marketing strategies have become more important than ever to connect brands with their target customers.

According to their recent report on influencer marketing, titled “The State of Influencer Marketing 2023: Benchmark Report”, the world’s leading content creators’ income has increased by almost 20% in the past year.

According to this report, the influencer industry is also expected to grow by approximately $21.1 billion (R400 billion) worldwide this year.

Notable internet celebrities who according to Forbes who this year have harnessed their massive fan bases to reshape the worlds of media and marketing include TikTok superstars Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio, Spotify podcast queen Alex Cooper and Khabane (Khaby) Lame – known for his TikTok videos in which he joked with so-called “life hack” videos.

Here are the top five internet personalities who made the dollars roll in this year:

  1. Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast)

This American YouTuber’s support base of more than 300 million is almost as big as the USA and he was able to pocket $82 million (R1.4 billion) in the past year.

Donaldson’s (25) strength and popularity stems from his high-production videos and stunts, in which he has, among other things, tried to survive 50 hours in Antarctica and built a Willy Wonka chocolate factory. He also boasts a fast food chain store and energy bars.

  1. Olajide Olatunji (KSI)

Olajide Olatunji (30), known as KSI, started reacting to FIFA video games on YouTube in 2009 and attracted millions of followers with his quirky humor. Today, his titles include those of comedian, chat rhymer and even boxer and his bank account stands at nearly $24 million (more than R400 million) strong this year.

  1. Jake Paul

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul has also gained notoriety over the years for his strange stunts in which he eats dog food and bathes in ice, among other things. He raked in $34 million (R600 million) in the past year, despite allegations of sexual misconduct and fraud.

This 26-year-old YouTuber also made the leap from social media to sport as a boxer and, moreover, became one of the world’s highest-paid athletes. He currently has nearly 66 million followers on social media.

  1. Rhett & Link

Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III, are two former engineers and best friends who started posting comedy shows on YouTube in 2006. Today, their entertainment company, Mythical, employs over 100 people creating YouTube series for their 18 million subscribers.

Over the years, the media magnates’ content has also expanded to podcasts, books and television programs and has made them $34 million (nearly R600 million) richer in the past year.

  1. Charli D’Amelio

The teenage TikTok queen’s dance moves on this platform made her a millionaire even before her 20th birthday.

After videos of D’Amelio, a former professional dancer, spread like wildfire in 2019 and led to TikTok dance trends, brands quickly began knocking on the American teenager’s door.

Today she boasts more than $200 million followers and has already made more than $23 million (more than R400 million) this year thanks to advertisements for big names such as Prada, Cera Ve and Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS clothing line.

The TikToker and her family also have their own reality series on Disney’s streaming service. Her older sister, Dixie, has also become a content creator and musician in her own right and is currently 18th on this list.

Sources: Forbes, The Influencer Marketing Hub, People.