Change on diversity -Prescillia Poaty


Author and Philanthropist, Prescillia POATY has been an activist for unpriviledged children all over world. in her latest Humanitarian mission towards central african refugees, she sounds the alarm on physical and sexual abuse of meditarean refugees in Tunisia. As President of Lumiere Internationale, In May 2023, Prescillia POATY, 33 years old has initiated a 7-day outreach for vulnerable mothers and Children.

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In a media Statement, Civil Rights Activist, Prescillia Poaty says:” Taking a position on the situation of the migratory flow is normal when this position is analyzed as a whole. With the drop in prices for smugglers and poorly equipped boats, we are witnessing a catastrophic increase in illegal crossings. Unfortunately many do not take into account the reality of the post-shipwreck.

It is small NGOs like ours, and so many others who are leading this fight on the ground. After the shipwreck, we quote: The identification of the bodies, the morgues saturated, the bodies on the ground in plastic bags, the hunger, the thirst, the trauma, the rape, the crimes at sea, the diseases, the discriminations , abandonment, some coast guards who terrorize…etc.

So don’t trust what you see in the media anymore, because they don’t have the whole truth, because the truth is not one way. Truth is universal. If so, these migrants should stay at home… So, it is therefore URGENT to stop exploiting developing countries and plundering their raw materials. It is therefore URGENT that the policies of these countries (GDP) build living conditions that encourage these people to stay in their countries. It is therefore URGENT to carry out a campaign to hunt down/collective arrest of Maghrebian smugglers who build boats and sell boat engines from Tunisia so that migrants can go to Europe. Also, the hunt for black African smugglers who market the exits from the territory to go to Libya.

Refugees are illegal, YES. Stay home, YES. But on what condition?

The truth is not one way. Truth is universal.

I fight this fight for the oppressed, and I will never give up. Along the way I encourage the oppressed to cry out, and continue to bear witness to the fate they suffer. Those who suffer social injustices: “Racism, employment discrimination, rape, abusive treatment, social contempt, rejection, ethnic and religious wars of all kinds”. You too have a voice!

Your voice matters!