Chief officer of Medihelp dies suddenly


Ettie da Silva, chief officer of Medihelp, died unexpectedly of natural causes on Sunday.

She was 56 years old.

Chris Klopper, chairman of Medihelp’s board of trustees, says the board and Medihelp’s staff have been “deeply” affected by the death of Da Silva, who is described as a true leader and beacon in the organisation.

“On behalf of the board, executive team and all the employees of Medihelp, we share our deepest condolences with her family, friends and daughter, whom she described as her greatest inspiration.

“We were deeply affected by Ettie’s death. She and her team have executed her strategic vision for the organization with great diligence and great success over the past four years.”

Klopper says that with Da Silva at the helm, the scheme’s brand has been renewed, the competitiveness of the product range increased and net member growth achieved with main members currently on the threshold of 100,000. This despite slow growth in this industry.

“It was a privilege to work with such a thoughtful and enthusiastic person like Ettie. She was a true leader and genuinely cared about nature and the well-being of every member and employee.

“Ettie played a key role in establishing Medihelp’s office in a healthier and safer environment. She has also been at the helm of several of the organisation’s new community projects.”

Before joining Medihelp, Da Silva held numerous key positions in prominent corporate entities. Klopper says her legal experience of more than 17 years has also been of great use in the industry.

Johan Viljoen, chief operating officer of Medihelp, has now been appointed acting chief officer. According to Kloppers, Viljoen shares the vision that Da Silva had for the company.

“Viljoen has extensive experience in the medical scheme industry. He, the board and the executive team will work together to execute the strategy until the position is filled permanently.

“Medihelp members and other partners can be assured of our continued service and support, as well as that we will keep everyone informed of any developments.”