Derek Watts announces cancer diagnosis


The famous Carte Blanche-presenter Derek Watts was diagnosed with cancer last year and is going to take it easy at work for the time being to focus on his health.

It is Sunday night during Carte Blanche announced that last year Watts was diagnosed with skin cancer that had spread to his lungs.

RNews reported at the beginning of April that Watts had to learn to walk again after collapsing and ending up in hospital the month before. The TV personality, who became a household name as part of this investigative journalism program, initially thought he had suffered a stroke, but the doctors determined it was severe sepsis.

“Derek found enormous comfort in the thousands of messages he received during his recovery from sepsis,” said John Webb, executive producer of Carte Blanche, said. “Following his cancer diagnosis, I know that his determination will be strengthened by the continued love and support of the people to whom he has dedicated his working life. We wish our patriarch, mentor, colleague and friend strength and recovery.”

Carte Blanche pointed out that Watts has touched the lives of many people throughout his remarkable career, and that his unquenchable zest for life is a source of inspiration to all.

“While this news is undoubtedly disheartening, we remain hopeful and optimistic about Derek’s journey to recovery. We have full confidence in the expertise and dedication of his medical team, who will provide the best possible care and support throughout this process.”

Nomsa Philiso, chief executive of entertainment at the MultiChoice group, wished Watts well. “M-Net would like to send a message of support and good wishes to the veteran investigative journalist and longtime Carte Blanche-presenter sends. We keep him, his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers and wish him strength and courage as he battles this disease. The team at M-Net has the utmost respect and admiration for Derek and his commitment to the channel for the past 36 years. Derek’s tremendous contribution to Carte Blanche form the tapestry and legacy of the M-Net brand. We will continue to support him during this challenging time.”

Watts has been since Carte Blanchee’s inception in 1988 as part of the program and he has become one of South Africa’s most respected and recognized investigative journalists. “He was instrumental in revealing truth and justice to many. His unwavering commitment to the program and his mission to hold those in power accountable is an example to us all.”

Watts thanked everyone for the continued support. “Thank you for all the love, the messages, the prayers that give us all hope. And of course thank you for continuing to Carte Blanche to look I’ll be back soon.”