French bake longest baguette in the world


French bakers from Suresnes in Paris, France, set a new Guinness world record on Sunday when they baked a 140.53 m long baguette.

This long French baguette kicked up dust in the eyes of a 132.62 m megaloaf that was baked in Como, Italy in 2019.

A team of 18 bakers baked the giant bread during an event for the French Confederation of Bakers and Pastry Chefs.

“A record for the longest handmade baguette requires true spirit and collective sportsmanship,” says Dominique Anract, president of the organization.

“Bread is the engine for performance, and our baguette is an important part of our (France’s) gastronomic heritage.”

Participating bakers started kneading 152 kg of dough at 03:00. The dough contained about 90 kg of flour, 60 liters of water, 1.2 kg of salt and 1.2 kg of yeast.

The baguette is baked in a slow-moving oven on wheels.

“Suresnes is proud to be the place for this record for the longest baguette in the world, as it promotes our national, gastronomic symbol as well as the artisans who keep their knowledge alive,” says mayor Guillaume Boudy.

“I congratulate the bakers from Suresnes who participated in the event.”

Anthony Arrigault, one of the bakers, says he is proud to have participated in the event. “And in my home town on top of that,” he said.

The baguettes were cut up and distributed to the public.

A traditional French baguette is about 60 cm long and is made with only flour, salt and yeast, and weighs about 250 g, according to the official measurements.

Watch the BBC’s video here.