“Growing pains are temporary,” says Showmax


The streaming platform Showmax started a migration process to a new platform in January this year, and although this process was accompanied by a few technical problems, they consider it to be mere growing pains.

“Given the scale of the changes that are currently being implemented at Showmax, we expected that there would be some technical challenges,” Laura Cooke, head of communications at Showmax, confirmed to RNews. The new platform was built in collaboration with Peacock, the international streaming platform.

“This transition phase may be uncomfortable, but it will give Afrikaans stories life on a bigger and better Showmax 2.0 platform.

“We are grateful for our customers’ patience and understanding during the migration to the new platform.”

Cooke also explains that there are several devices that do not support Showmax, and that the technical team is constantly working to find out which devices present problems. She encourages people to report any streaming issues here so the team can address them and improve the viewing experience.

“We understand that the migration is frustrating for some customers, and we just want to say thank you to everyone who stood by us in the process,” Marc Jury, CEO of Showmax, told RNews.

“We are passionate about giving Showmax customers the best possible experience and service on the continent, and can’t wait to see what the next few months hold.”

Content more, not less

Several people have raised concerns about the content on the new platform, and that some shows and movies don’t seem to have carried over.

However, Cooke emphasizes that after the migration process, Showmax will boast about 18,000 hours of viewing pleasure, and that the platform shows a 150% growth in locally produced content. Showmax also offers international content from Universal Pictures, NBC, Peacock, Sky, DreamWorks Animation, HBO, Warner Bros., Discovery, Paramount and Sony.

In terms of Afrikaans content, Showmax and Multichoice are planning quite a few exciting programmes. Some of the latest Afrikaans programs on Showmax include Female and drum doll in.

Cooke further explains that some international content disappears over time due to the broadcast period ending. The broadcast rights of a program or movie are purchased for a certain period, and once that period has expired, the content will no longer be available on the platform. This is also why some of the content available on Peacock’s original platform cannot be seen on Showmax.

“Showmax constantly monitors the app to ensure that the consumers have the best possible viewing experience. As with any apps, Showmax will constantly offer upgrades to ensure the effectiveness of the service.”

  • If you experience any technical issues with the new Showmax, report it https://www.showmax.com/za/help/get-in-touch on.