Hollywood: Nickelodeon bigwig sues channel; another Colleen Hoover novel is being made into a movie


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Nickelodeon bigot sues channel

Dan Schneider, a former bigwig at the children’s channel Nickelodeon, is suing Investigation Discovery (ID) over how he in their sensational documentary series Quiet on set: The Dark Side of Kids TV was depicted.

In the summons, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, May 1, Schneider claims that the series was a death blow to his career.

The series aired earlier this year and exposed several dark secrets of the channel, and contained allegations of sexual abuse, racism and sexism.

Among other things, it came to light that several children suffered from sexual abuse on Nickelodeon sets, including Drake Bell, one of the main actors in the series Drake & Josh.

Numerous allegations have also been made against Schneider, including that he acted inappropriately towards the child actors.

Although these events allegedly took place during Schneider’s time at the channel, he claims in the summons that “he had no knowledge of the incidents”.

“But for clickbait and viewership – or, put another way, money – the prosecutors ruined Schneider’s reputation and legacy by making the false allegations,” the lawsuit states.

In a statement, Schneider acknowledged his own “mistakes” during his time at Nickelodeon, but that he had “no choice to take legal action against the people behind the documentary”.

“They went beyond mere false reporting and also falsely implied that I was involved, or facilitated the heinous acts, of which the real culprits have already been found guilty.”

Movie about famous deceased comedian planned

A movie about the late 1990s comedian Chris Farley will soon hit the big screen.

Josh Gad, who is best known for his role as Olaf in Frozenwill direct the movie, while Paul Walter Hauser, known for his role in Blackbird, will play the role of Chris.

Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, who were responsible for, among other things The Disaster Artist and Daisy Jones & The Six, is currently writing the script of the movie. It will be based on Tom Farley Jr. and Tanner Colby’s award-winning biography The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts.

Chris Farley joined the sketch show in 1990 Saturday Night Live, after which his popularity pretty much took off. He was also seen in movies like Tommy Boy.

He died in 1997 at the age of 33 due to an overdose. The role of Shrek was offered to him shortly before his death, and there were even a few scenes with Farley in the role. Mike Myers played the iconic role posthumously.

Another Colleen Hoover novel is being made into a movie

It is barely three months before It Ends With Us hits the silver screen, and another of Colleen Hoover’s books is headed to the big screen.

Verity, which Hoover wrote and self-published in 2018, is expected to be produced by Amazon MGM Studios. It is not yet known who will appear in the movie, but it is claimed that Hillary Seitz, writer of Insomnia, Eagle Eye and The Unforgivableis linked to the project.

Hoover already confirmed in 2022 that the movie rights to the book have been sold, although this does not guarantee that a movie will be made of the story.

“I’ve sold many movie rights that fell through the cracks because producers couldn’t get the project off the ground,” she said with GoodReads shared.

“I hope this one works out. It would be very nice to Verity to see as a movie.”

The movie version of It Ends With Us, Hoover’s book, published in 2016, will hit the big screen on June 21. Justin Baldoni, Blake Lively, Brandon Sklenar, Isabela Ferrer and Jenny Slate will be seen in the movie.

Homes from ‘Up’, ‘X-Men’ now vacation homes

Those who were crazy about movies like X-Men and Up can soon experience these movies in living bodies.

Airbnb recently launched a brand new project, Iconsstarted to offer a better overnight experience to guests.

Among other things, the tourism group transformed a mansion in New York into a recreation of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, which viewers were introduced to in the movie series X-men.

They also have Carl’s house in the movie Up built and every room furnished to look exactly like this famous animation house. The house can even be lifted by a crane so that guests can see the real thing Up-experience can be had.

“The name Airbnb is a noun and verb that is used all over the world. This is a good thing; it means that everyone knows it,” said Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb about the Iconsproject said.

“The bad thing is that we only identify with one thing, and we want to do more. We don’t just want to offer people places to stay, but experiences.”

The Iconsdivision of Airbnb launched this month and offers stay experiences like Prince’s Purple Rainhouse, an evening in the Ferrari museum in Italy, a private evening with Kevin Hart, an evening in the Paris art museum Musée d’Orsay and an evening in the Riley headquarters as seen in the movie Inside Out.

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