Joy after the hurt: Theuns’ sister quietly married


Linda Jordaan and her fiance, Dirk van Lill, were quietly married in a church in the Strand.

The happy ending comes after Linda has been through deep water in recent years: first her famous brother, Theuns (50), died of leukemia in November 2021. Their mother, Maryna (79), died 11 days later. Maryna was in a nursing home on Bethulie in the Free State and could not attend Theuns’ memorial service in the NG Moreletapark congregation in Pretoria at the time. In January this year, her father, Willie (82), also died.

At their wedding three weeks ago (on April 14), Linda and Dirk were radiant.

Linda was dressed in a turquoise dress that she already wore in 2010 at her “gypsy chummies bought and Dirk wore a rented suit. The wedding cake was also turquoise, with yellow and deep red flowers on top.

Two women pastors led the marriage confirmation and service. Linda says the message was a “decent, deep, meaningful piece” about marriage.

The moment was so emotional that Linda could hardly find an answer in the right place. “When they asked if I said yes, I just nodded my head, then someone said ‘we need to hear you’,” says Linda.

Linda’s grown son, David, was also at his mother’s big day.

The couple was bubbling with excitement about the special occasion.

“Dirk kissed me about four or five times before he was allowed to kiss me,” says Linda.

They will still promise each other in December, during a wedding with their family and friends. They held this first, small wedding because Linda “so wants to pray the Lord’s blessing” on them.

For the intimate ceremony, Linda did her own make-up and a friend helped with her hair.

After the wedding, they went to eat cake at Bart’s Tavern on the beach.

The couple met 11 years ago at a Theuns concert and a few months ago they started talking again. The flame of love was soon ignited and soon after they were almost inseparable.

The couple live in a beach house in East London.

The official wedding will take place on December 16. “I will make a promise on Promise Day.”

For this wedding day, they do not want any wedding gifts for themselves.

“We want to ask every Theuns supporter to give an early Christmas present to someone who has less than them and specifically someone outside your comfort zone.”

Linda and Dirk’s wish is that people will also open their hearts to those with less than them.

“Pay for a child’s school supplies, give food parcels or baby diapers to poor people, but make it something worthy, that you would like to receive yourself.”

Linda says Theuns was someone who, without hanging it on the big clock, would buy for example a plate of food for people who needed it.