Listen: Emerging artists are invited along on Super Sokkie boat trip


Popular African artists such as Kurt Darren, Juanita du Plessis, Jakkie Louw, Nicholis Louw, Dirk van der Westhuizen, Jay, Lianie May and Early B are on the Super Sokkie boat trip 2024 to see.

However, this group of established and beloved artists, as well as MSC Cruises, invites this time two independent African artists together on the boat trip.

You read that right, yes. MSC Cruises and SuperEvents, who are offering the Super Sokkie boat trip, are going to give two up-and-coming African artists the opportunity to travel from Durban to the Portuguese Islands – and who knows, even on the white sands of the island itself! – entertaining the Super Sockie boat travelers of 2024.

These artists are typically Afrikaans singers and songwriters who make music themselves, who can perform a 40-minute program and who like to hang out with the audience.

The artists don’t have to be completely unknown either. Maybe he or she has released a few albums, but hasn’t really made a breakthrough yet. MSC Cruises will cover the artist’s accommodation costs on the brand new MSC Splendida deck.

Ross Volk, CEO of MSC Cruises Africa, announced this invitation in RNews’s studio.

“We are determined to show our support for Afrikaans and its musicians, which is why we have a few boat trips, including the Super Sokkie, which offers Afrikaans music lovers the opportunity to see some of the language’s biggest stars on the waters.

“We would like to invite two independent, up-and-coming artists to entertain the boat travelers from the deck to the lounge to the bar and the casino.”

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Check here for more information on the Super Sockie boat trip 2024.

  • Listen to a full interview with Ross Volk from MSC Cruises and Kurt Darren from SuperEvents at the top of the report.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The organizers of the event reserve the right to select the final artists for the boat trip.
  • The organizers’ choice is final and will not enter into correspondence about the final choices.
  • The selected artists will be contacted directly by the organizers.