Music video: Herman Kleinhans’ little brother sings about old Transkei


In 2017, Sarel Kleinhans, little brother of Herman Kleinhans, spent a few nights in the old Transkei with his wife. Today he returns to this charming destination to share this unforgettable experience with listeners.

“It was incredibly fun. We were initially only going to stay for two nights, but decided to extend our visit,” recalls Sarel, recalling the experience that served as inspiration for his new song, “Transkei”.

This song is also the title track of his album, also titled Transkei, which was issued in December 2022. He describes this album as “a series of love stories”, most of which were written for his wife.

He is actually shy, he admits. Still, music is where he finds rest.

He has in his gr. 11-year-old finally started singing, even if it was in the privacy of his room. He cherished dreams of one day being the lead guitarist in a music group, but quickly realized that it is actually much more fun to write music and sing himself.

Sarel (29) is six years younger than his younger brother, Herman. These siblings’ love for music was inevitable, admits Sarel. Music was intricately woven into their lives. Their other brother and sister’s life path was also forged in music.

“My father also sings and plays the guitar,” he says.

“When we go on holiday, go camping somewhere or even have visitors, music is made.”

Sarel describes his older brother as a role model and advisor. Someone he often turns to for advice about music and life.

These two wrote an English song together years ago, and Sarel dreams of digging into the writer’s book again to pen down an Afrikaans track.

Writing music comes easily to this young musician. He starts with his guitar and walks the path until the appropriate words can accompany the tune.

Sarel, his wife, child and parents went to the unspoilt part of the Eastern Cape earlier this year to shoot the music video for his new song. A wonderful experience, Sarel remembers. It is the first time since their trip there five years ago that they are revisiting the charming place.

“We hired a tour van and hit the road,” he says.

“It was great and the video is very special to us.”

Watch the music video for “Transkei” here: