Photos: Faf’s baby is here: welcome, little Remi-Ré


The Springbok hero Faf de Klerk and his wife, Miné, shared the first photos of their newborn baby girl on Wednesday.

According to a post on the glamorous couple’s Instagram account, little Remi-Ré de Klerk was born last Tuesday (February 27) at 37 weeks and four days. She was 48 cm tall and tipped the scales at 2.85 kg at birth.

Numerous messages of congratulations have already poured in for Faf, a boiling water scrum link and Miné, a pharmacist by profession.

The couple shared beautiful black and white photos of the two of them just before the little one’s birth in the Life Rosepark hospital in Bloemfontein – of the beaming parents with their baby shortly after her birth and again just before mother and baby left the hospital was dismissed. In this photo, a sleeping Remi-Ré lies in her father’s arms.

“We love you,” reads the caption to the photos.