Ruhan du Toit and his wife share love story in soulful video


“May I be your last” is not a new track for regular listeners of the singer Ruhan du Toit’s music, but this power ballad is so close to the heart of the singer and his wife, Marinda, that they decided the song should have a music video. gain.

That’s why they joined forces with Quintin van der Merwe from Quintessential Media to produce a beautiful music video for “May I be your last”.

The video was shot at Rosemary Hill near Bronkhorstspruit, where Ruhan and Marinda often cycle. Anja Nieuwoudt van Boer is looking for a female celebrity and her boyfriend, Luaan Pieterse, plays the couple in the video.

“There is a dilapidated building on the premises which is beautiful for photos and videos and I always said I would like to shoot something there,” Ruhan tells RNews.

Ruhan and brunette Marinda, who were both previously married, say the song reflects their relationship and is so close to home that they were excited to make a music video for the song.

“It was actually Marinda’s idea. We both feel that the song captures our love story so perfectly and that we are so happy to have another chance at love.”

Ruhan reveals that he and Marinda don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, simply because they try to do something special every day to spend time together.

“We live and work together, but we make time every day to tell each other we love each other. It is extremely important for us to remind each other of our love for each other in every day we are together.”

“May I be your last” appears in Ruhan’s latest album, Stockholm Syndromewhich was released last year.

“I hope the music video will give people the same warm feeling we had when we shot it,” says Ruhan.

“May I Be Your Last” is available on all major digital platforms.

Look here to the music video for “May I be your last”.