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Things looking up for Uitenhage mother after visit by Deputy Mayor

By Afikile Lugunya - Aug 3, 2017
Things looking up for Uitenhage mother after visit by Deputy Mayor

There is hope for a 47-year-old woman from Uitenhage, Luleka Lucas, who lives with her disabled 13-year-old daughter in a rented house, after her promised RDP house never materialised when she was instructed to destroy her shack in October 2016.

This is after she got a visit from Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Deputy Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, early this week. The Deputy Mayor promised to work with her ward councillor and build her a house as soon as possible.

Lucas said she has been waiting for too long and to make matters worse for her, her landlord recently informed her she needed to look for accommodation elsewhere as someone will soon move into the house.

“The owner of this house told me that when the person, who used to stay in this house comes, I must leave and that person can come anytime - leaving me and my daughter without a shelter.

“The Mayor asked the councillor to accompany me to the owner’s house to beg him to let me stay until my house is ready,” she told RNEWS.

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Lucas, has been renting since last year when, together with her neighbours, they were instructed to destroy their old shacks so that they could get new RDP homes from the Metro. However, her neighbours got homes, but she did not, apparently her yard was too small for a proper house.

To make matters worse, her daughter was diagnosed with Meningitis when she was 7 years old, which affected her spine.

Speaking to RNEWS, she said that her local again promised she would get the promised house in June this year. But when she saw, nothing happening, she later managed to talk to the Deputy Mayor about her challenges.

According to Lucas, Cllr Bobani asked her and the councillor to plead with her current landlord to let her and her daughter stay for a little while longer while they build a home for her.

Sponsors have also lined up to help her disabled child with a wheelchair.

“This morning, I received a call from people, who identified themselves as [name withheld] in Walmer, who promised to sponsor my daughter with a brand new wheelchair,” said an excited Lucas.

“My daughter’s physio doctor said that the best wheelchair for my daughter costs about R80 000 because she cannot use her hands and that worries me because I am not sure if the sponsors will be pleased with the news - but I am excited that we are finally getting help.”