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Transnet Freight Rail issues warning of tender scam

Aug 19, 2017
Transnet Freight Rail issues warning of tender scam

Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) has issued a warning to members of the public about fraudulent requests for proposals and quotations that are being sent using the TFR logo and the names of employees within TFR.

The fraudulent requests are sent via email to suppliers requesting them to send quotations or to deliver goods. After the submission of a quote by a supplier, communication is then sent to such a supplier, that the quote has been accepted and delivery may take place or goods will be collected from the premises of the supplier.

"TFR would like to caution that no Transnet employee other than a procurement official is allowed to manage a procurement process, even a member of the Transnet’s Board of Directors, Executive Leadership Team or Company Secretary do not have the authority to manage a procurement process," states Mike Asefovitz, Spokesperson of Transnet Freight Rail.

"It is important to note that TFR does not have its own database of prospective suppliers. It makes use of National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD for quotations). When Transnet needs to procure goods, services or works, it does so through an open tender process or calls for quotes using its website as well as details of suppliers on the CSD."

Typical scams have the following attributes:

  • They come from e-mail addresses ending with @transnetsa.net / @transnetfreightrails.net, @transnet-jhb.net, Gmail, Yahoo, webmail or any other internet domain. Valid TFR e-mails end with transnet.net.

  • The contact details usually used are (011) 083-9507; (011) 083 7454; (031) 100 2266; 060 424 7880

  • The invitation to bid is issued in the name of a Board member, Executive (Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer or Chief Procurement Officer) or a Company Secretary;

  • They include pictures or identity documents of TFR employees;

  • They contain guidelines for prices to quote. For example bidders are told to quote between R400 000 – R700 000. TFR will never give you a range of prices within which to bid.

  • The goods required are usually available from one supplier in South Africa or are imported by one supplier. 

The following items are frequently required:

o LSDT4N Digital Thermostat
o VT4S Solar Eco Panels
o HST Watt Solar Panels
o Water Pressure Booster Pumps & Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
o LT124 Rail Loader

The following should be noted regarding valid TFR tenders:

- The open tender process is primarily used for transactions that are over R2 million and TFR normally approaches at least three (3) suppliers to quote as per the requirements for transactions less than R2 million.

- Check if the tender appears on either the National Treasury eTender website http://www.etenders.gov.za or the TFR website http://www.transnetfreightrail.co.za/Website/tender_docs.html or www.transnetfreightrail-tfr.net 

- All tenders can be downloaded for free. A tender fee is only applicable if documentation is collected at our tender offices.

- It is never necessary to attach proof of payment when submitting a tender. If you want to collect a tender at a TFR office, the tender office will require proof of payment. TFR never collects any ordered items and always insists that suppliers deliver to a TFR site (with TFR’s signage); and

- TFR only accepts quotations and tenders from suppliers that are registered on CSD.

After receiving a request to submit a quotation or a tender, suppliers are encouraged to verify the authenticity of such requests on the following numbers:
- (011 584 0821)
- (011 584 9231)
- (011 584 9230)

TFR invites anyone who may be aware of such scams to call their anonymous toll free fraud hotline number at 0800 003 056 or email Trasnet@tip-offs.com