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Patriotic Alliance joins DA-led coalition, new Deputy Mayor to be announced

By Jesica Slabbert - Aug 28, 2017
Patriotic Alliance joins DA-led coalition, new Deputy Mayor to be announced

At a press conference held at the Port Elizabeth City Hall on Tuesday afternoon, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, announced that the Patriotic Alliance has now joined the Democratic Alliance (DA)-led coalition government in the Nelson Mandela Metro.

It was the Patriotic Alliance’s Councillor Marlon Daniels, who brought the no confidence motion in then Nelson Mandela Bay Deputy Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, in last week Thursday’s dramatic Council Meeting.

The press conference was called to provide clarity on the vote of no confidence in Bobani and the future of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality council as Bobani’s United Democratic Movement (UDM) seeks to reverse his ouster through court action.

“Councillor Bobani has not been cooperating as a coalition councillor; we for all intents and purposes, have been acting as a minority coalition since January. It doesn’t help having 61 votes when only 59 are cast for you,” stated Trollip at the briefing.

After the motion was tabled by Cllr Daniels, the African National Congress (ANC), the United Democratic Movement (UDM), the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the African Independent Congress (AIC), rose up and left the Council Chamber, Bobani in tow, and while chanting political songs and dancing.

The parties claimed that the DA-led coalition failed to put forth tangible evidence of Bobani's alleged wrong-doing that would warrant for his removal, besides the tensions between him and the Executive Mayor, the DA's Athol Trollip.

The EFF in an emotional speech said that the motion went against the spirit of the coalition and warned councillors that after Bobani is removed, the DA would seek to remove Cllrs from other parties from their council positions.

Through the walk out, the parties hoped to force a collapse of proceedings in the motion of no confidence.

The council was then forced to ask the Speaker of the Council, the DA’s Johnathan Lawack, to cast his vote on the matter, giving them the 60 votes needed to boot Bobani out.

Trollip then announced that he had been approached by the Patriotic Alliance who made a request to join the coalition in Nelson Mandela Bay, which had been prompted by Bobani’s conduct.  

“I would like to announce that the Patriotic Alliance is part of the co-government agreement. They have signed the agreement, there was no objection from any of the political parties, and since that has happened we are going to make appointments in the Mayoral Committee,” said Trollip.

During the press conference Trollip stated that the Patriotic Alliance’s Daniels will now be the new head of Public Health in the Mayoral Committee - a position, which had previously been occupied Bobani before he was fired by Trollip early this year.

The Executive Mayor also said that a new Deputy Executive Mayor will be announced at the next Council Meeting.