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VIDEO: Ousted DA Councillor Rashied Adams could face charges from residents

By Afikile Lugunya - Dec 14, 2017
VIDEO: Ousted DA Councillor Rashied Adams could face charges from residents

Ousted Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's Ward 1, Rashied Adams, could soon face charges from some Ward 1 residents, who said that he abused their trust and borrowed monies from them that he never paid back.

The residents had come to a press briefing, which was held at the office of the United Democratic Movement's (UDM) Mongameli Bobani, where Adams told reporters how his removal from the DA was a result of a plot by senior party members, who saw an opportunity to get rid of him when he fell on hard times, as they felt he was not the right race to represent Ward 1 residents.

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Outside the briefing, Gail Pullen,who had early on been chased out the briefing by Bobani, and another resident, Stephen Moare, explained that they were seeking answers from Adams as he owed them.

“I wanted answers, I mean he owes people money,” Pullen said.

When she was asked about the people Adams owes money, it was Moare, who answered.

“I’m one of them. He owes me and there are many people he owes money to,” he said, adding that Adams had taken R5 000 from him.

He described; “In May/June round about there, he came to me asking for R20 000 describing that he needed to pay the money by 12AM or he will be expelled in the DA... He said to me that he had to pay that money by 12’oclock otherwise he would face disciplinary actions.

“I was on holiday at the time, fortunately for me, my [withdrawal] limit was only R5 000 and that's the amount that I could only transfer.”

Moare said that they will first gather as residents and deliberate about how to go about pressing charges against Adams.

“All I wanted to ask him what went wrong because I worked really hard for that man - in the rain, to get him elected and he breached that trust - all I want is an answer!”

Watch: Gail Pullen thrown out of Bobani's office.