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Bafana can win AFCON - Mashaba

By Natali Iverson - Jan 8, 2015
Bafana can win AFCON - Mashaba

Bafana Bafana head coach, Shakes Mashaba, has stated that his team are more than capable of winning the 2015 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament in Equatorial Guinea next month.

"We are coming back after the 10th [February], after the final is played. We have packed our bags expecting for a long stay there," Mashaba said before the team's departure for Gabon on Wednesday.

"In 1996 we set the standard that we are championship material. With this team we are trying to revive that spirit and show that we are one of the best. I have told the players not to fear anybody because we have no reason to feel inferior. The boys are ready. The players know why they are here and they know what it means to wear the Bafana jersey,” he added.

South African Football Association (SAFA) president, Danny Jordaan, praised the way Mashaba motivates his players to work hard and to have a winning mentality.

"Twenty-fifteen promises to be a very challenging year for us," Jordaan said at a press conference in Johannesburg yesterday.

"We currently have three teams in camp. I can't remember the last time this happened in South Africa. Equatorial Guinea is not the end of the road; it is the beginning of the road. We are in a group where only the best are."

"Previously we used to fight for draws in away matches. Shakes has changed that thinking,” Jordaan added.

Bafana will be facing Cameroon for a warm-up match in Libreville, Gabon on Saturday.


IMAGE: www.timeslive.co.za