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SACP Eastern Cape welcomes jailing of 'despotic' AbaThembu King Dalindyebo

Oct 2, 2015
SACP Eastern Cape welcomes jailing of 'despotic' AbaThembu King Dalindyebo

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Friday said that it has welcomed the judgement by the Supreme Court of Appeal to uphold the conviction of the 'despotic' AbaThembu King, Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, which will see him being jailed for 12 years.

King Dalindyebo was previously found guilty and convicted on numerous charges of "merciless crimes meted against vulnerable people he is supposed to lead, serve and protect" the SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson, Siyabonga Mdodi, said in a statement.

"We view this as an important milestone in a democratic dispensation as it entrenches the values espoused in our constitution that we are all equal before the law.

"This includes the most influential in the society with no exception. It is in this context that we find the allegations by the King’s spokesperson, Mfundo Bhovulengwe quite misplaced and misleading, to allege that this is what the apartheid did to the King Sabatha Dalindyebo is fallacy," explained Mdodi.

"As the SACP, we retaliate what we have uttered on the 16 August 2014 in relation to the same convicted King. 'Any leader, with no exception of the Kings, should serve the people and protect them at any given time. That should be done with the understanding that there is no one who is above the law even those born as leaders. We are of the firm view that none of us are born as subjects of anybody; therefore the dangers of regarding people as mere subjects is that you will treat them with gross disrespect and abuse them.'”

He said that the people of South Africa should ensure that they keep their leaders, with no exception of traditional leaders, accountable and of greater service to the people.

"We must ensure that their actions and conduct are befitting to the roles and responsibilities bestowed upon themselves," Mdodi added.

"We are calling upon the Thembu nation and the people in general to support the families who were victimised by the convicted King.  We should all desist the norm of the capitalist society of always siding with the powerful at the expense of the people. They should work with them to restore their dignity their dignity and their rights."

In handing down judgement, the Supreme Court of Appeal said that the King had acted more like a 'medieval despot'.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Thursday also announced that it would cancel the King's party membership due to the seriousness of the crimes he was convicted on.

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