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Minister again lashed over increase in tuition fees

By Charl Bosch - Oct 19, 2015
Minister again lashed over increase in tuition fees

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has taken a further swipe at Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande, this time over proposed hikes in registration fees at the University of Fort Hare for 2016.

In an entry on Politicsweb, party Youth Chairperson Yusuf Cassim said the 15% increase from R3 500 to R5 000 would deny poorer students the opportunity to further their studies, adding that the various protests at government intuitions, proves that Nzimande is to blame for the funding crisis.

“Minister Nzimande often bemoans the lack of funding yet he seems to have done very little to secure the funding needed to provide our youth with the education they deserve and to ensure a better future for them and their families,” Cassim said.

“The negative impact these increases will have for students [is] a symptom of the crisis in funding for tertiary education. It is high time that Minister Nzimande, Treasury and government itself take heed of the calls for decisive action to increase funding available to both students and universities”.

A short while ago, talks between protesting Rhodes University students and Vice-Chancellor Sizwe Mabizela were abandoned after a failed agreement. The protest, which started in the early hours of Monday morning, has also resulted in the cancellation of all activities. At the same time, lectures at the University of Cape Town, were proposed tuition fees would increase from R46 000 to R69 000, was also suspended for the rest of the day.