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Stop attacking foreigners, work harder: Newly-crowned Xhosa King Sigcawu

MAY 16, 2015
Stop attacking foreigners, work harder: Newly-crowned Xhosa King Sigcawu

Newly-crowned King of the Gcaleka Xhosa's, King Zwelonke Mpendulo Sigcawu, on Friday challenged South Africans not to attack foreigners but instead focus on working harder. 

"We are all to blame for the influx of of foreigners because we are lazy and foreigners came started businesses right in front of us. What exactly are we trying to do when we kill them? They didn't take anyone's job. Maybe there are a select few who have taken people's jobs, but what had we done?" the King said speaking during his coronation at the Nqadu Great Palace in Willowvale.

"Let us live in peace and work."

The King maintained that the Xhosa kingdom is against the abuse of foreigners by South Africans.

"In the books that some of us have read, we found out that some of our politicians went to hide in other countries, fighting for the freedom of this country. They were treated well and we appreciated that.

"Please, let us tolerate each other."

The coronation festival, which was attended by thousands, was the first AmaXhosa coronation in democratic South Africa and the first one in 50 years. It was attended by President Jacob Zuma - who officiated, as well as kings from across the continent, local chiefs and cabinet ministers.

The coronation was a day full of festivities, speeches and cultural displays.

Fifteen cows, 30 sheep and 100 chickens were reportedly slaughtered for the occasion.