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The Most Expensive Boarding Schools in the Eastern Cape are...

By Tai Chishakwe - Oct 3, 2014
The Most Expensive Boarding Schools in the Eastern Cape are...

So if you have made a couple million quid and looking to send your kids to an elite private boarding school that screams “you have arrived - financially”, where would you send them in the Eastern Cape in 2014?

Mum and dad, bring out your GPS if you do not know where sleepy Grahamstown is because that is where you will be heading.

Apparently, this small historic town is home to St Andrews College, which charges around R182 700 per year (or R60 900 per term) for your child’s tutelage – actually making it South Africa’s third most expensive private school after Hilton College in Kwa-Zulu Natal, which charges has R209 000 and MichaelHouse, also in KZN, which charges R192 000.

Founded in 1855, St Andrew’s College is a premium Anglican boarding school that claims to cater for around 450 pupils from around the world.

While St Andrews is a boys’ school, the college, through a relationship with neighbouring sister school, the Diocesan School for Girls (DSG), means classes are shared by boys and girls from Grade 10-12, while retaining the distinctive features of life in a boys’ school and a girls’ school.

It is then not a coincidence that the Diocesan School for Girls is the second most expensive school in the Eastern Cape at R157 590 per year – also making it the twelfth most expensive private school in South Africa.

St Andrew’s College

The school campus straddles the main road from Cradock into Grahamstown and is an open campus with buildings, sports fields and other facilities spread over a number of city blocks.

St Andrews does cater for both boarding and day scholars.

Aside from a prestigious location and tradition, your R182 700 will get you and your child tuition, boarding, sports, ordinary medical attention and other school facilities.

You also need to note that most elite private schools in SA do not include additional fees in this amount. Additional fees can typically relate to various levies, such as IT and infrastructure, as well as further costs for food, extra mural activities and trips.

Additional fees at St Andrews in 2014 average R6 000 per term or R18 000 per annum.

An entry fee for 2014 was R60 900 - R45 675 refundable.

The long list of alumni at St Andrews includes Sportsmen - Thomas Gubb, Ryan Kankowski, Nick Mallett, James Thompson, Antony Roy Clark; Engineers, scientists and medical men - Sir Basil Schonland, James Henry Greathead, William Bleloch, Lennox Broster; Musicians, actors, authors and artists - Bongani Ndodana-Breen, Ian Roberts, Jonty Driver; Nobility and politicians - Edward Coke (Earl of Leicester CBE), Desmond Lardner-Burke (lawyer and politician in the then Rhodesia), Kingsley Fairbridge; Businessmen - Sir Michael Edwardes, Graham Mackay, Mark Patterson; Soldiers, sailors and airmen - Duane Hudson, Brigadier Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, Colonel Sir Ernest Lucas, Major-General William Henry Evered Poole.

Diocesan School for Girls

Founded in 1874 by Bishop Nathaniel Merriman, DSG is one of the oldest girls’ schools in SA.  Its campus adjoins its brother school, St Andrew's College. 

The school has close links with St Andrew's Preparatory School where the girls attend classes with the boys in the Pre- Primary School and the Junior Primary section.  

It caters for both day and boarding pupils from Grades 4-12 and the number of students is around 345 girls.

The boarding fees is R157 590 per annum for this year and entrance fees for 2015 is a non-refundable R35 200.

If the fees above make you want to bolt out of the door, wait till you here this…

The most expensive private school in the world is the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, which charges annual fees of over US$120 000 (about R1 35 million).

Eastern Cape’s most expensive schools when compared with the rest of South Africa



Annual Fee (Boarding)

Annual Fee (Day)

Entry Fee

Hilton College

Durban Midlands

R209 000


R52 250


Durban Midlands

R192 000


R24 000

St Andrews


R182 700

R81 600

R15 225

Kearsney College

Durban Midlands

R181 350

R124 800

R17 400

Roedean School for Girls


R181 140

R99 234


St Alban’s College


R181 000

R102 900

R55 000

St Johns


R178 523

R105 760

R61 348 (non-refundable)

St Andrews School for Girls


R174 860

R94 380



Cape Town

R168 140

R96 360

R20 000

Somerset College

Somerset West

R167 736

R89 904

R22 000

St Mary’s School for Girls


R166 155

R90 630


Diocesan School for Girls


R157 590

R78 960

R35 200

Treverton College

Durban Midlands

R142 400

R69 600

R5 000

Herschel School for Girls

Cape Town

R127 860

R75 120