Keen heritage collector donates treasure to Voortrekker Monument


A precious item was entrusted into the safe hands of the Voortrekker Monument (VTM) by an avid collector, Ben van Niekerk.

CJ Langenhoven wrote the “Voice of South Africa”. With the centenary celebration of the Great Trek in 1938, Langenhoven’s wife, Lenie, whom he referred to in his writing as “Vroutjie”, signed her name on a copy of “Die Stem van Suid Afrika”. The writing reads: “Aan die Ossewa Trek”. Van Vroutjie. Oudtshoorn 5/9/1938”.

Ben van Niekerk loves history and likes to collect historical objects. He handed over one of his most precious items to the Voortrekker Monument, so that it could be shared with the world.

“I have an interest in history and had the subject at school. When my youngest daughter was born, now 17 years ago, I drove past the Heldeakker and remember my grandmother telling me that we are descendants of General Schoeman. I found the grave and started family tree research,” says Van Niekerk.

This is how Van Niekerk’s long history research began. He is in possession of many items of historical value and intends to donate more items from his collection to the Voortrekker Monument.

Lizette Jansen, manager of the Heritage Foundation at the Voortrekker Monument, explains that this donation is of value to the Voortrekker Monument, precisely because the 1938 Oxen Walk at the Voortrekker Monument ended with the laying of the cornerstone.

“It is a precious addition to our cultural center and the Vrijheidsreis exhibition that is inside the monument,” says Jansen.

Together with the letter, a photo of CJ Langenhoven was also framed, which from a guy Housemate clipped and safely stored.

Van Niekerk chose the Voortrekker Monument as the safe home for this treasure, because he is convinced that the item will be safely preserved and displayed.

Please visit the Voortrekker Monument and if you have been here recently, come and visit again. The Voortrekker Monument often receives new objects, which color the story of the exhibition.

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