US judge reviews Prince Harry’s visa after drug confession


Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex’s US visa application is now being reviewed by a judge after the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in the US, took the federal government to court last year to determine whether a visa was illegally granted to the British prince is.

This foundation seeks to publish the prince’s visa application and accompanying documents in terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

It comes after he opened up about using drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and magic mushrooms in his younger years in his sensational memoir, Savetold

The Washington-based think-tank said at the time that it needed to be determined whether the Duke was favored because of his royal status, despite the fact that he may have lied on his full-time application about his drug abuse when he was with his wife, Meghan Markle, moved to California in 2020.

The couple currently live in a mansion in the luxury neighborhood of Montecito after they retired as working British royals.

Under US law, the use of drugs can be sufficient reason to reject someone’s visa. However, lawyers for the US government argue that the prince’s claims in his book “are not sufficient evidence” that he did abuse drugs, reports the British newspaper The Independent.

After the review, it will be decided whether the documents will be made public or not.

Donald Trump, former American president, during an exclusive interview with the British network in March GB News said Harry should not have “special privileges” if the authorities discover that he did lie during his visa application.

Trump has warned that an uncertain future in America lies ahead for Prince Harry if he is elected president again.

Sources: Independent UK, Forbes, New York Times.