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Woodlands Dairy launches ‘rubbish’ billboard along N2 highway

Jan 28, 2019
Woodlands Dairy launches ‘rubbish’ billboard along N2 highway

Woodlands Dairy has partnered with the  Colours of You SA (COYSA) collective toturn trash into a piece of art to communicate and highlight the beauty which comes from cleaning up your hood for good.

The artwork forms part of a billboard on the R303 as motorists leave the N2 and enter Humansdorp, and is part the dairy’s Clean up your ‘hood for good campaign.

"We wanted to involve local creatives to help us drive awareness about the benefits of cleaning up their neighbourhood,” remarks Woodlands Dairy/First Choice GM: Sales and Marketing, Tinus Pretorius.

“We need to get the public’s attention when it comes to littering, and what better way they to use the rubbish that's thrown away. It also gives people a taste of the amazing work from the Port Elizabeth arts community.”

The billboard forms a visual representation of how much beauty we can add to our surroundings if we just gave it a little care. Woodlands Dairy and COYSA hope that the public can become more environmentally aware and be inspired to do their part in cleaning up their hood for good; whether through recycling or getting creative.

Making the Woodlands Dairy ‘rubbish’ billboard

Gerard Addison (art director/graphic designer) and Zinzi May (art director/graphic designer) from COYSA spearheaded the project and partnered with some of Nelson Mandela Bay’s most creative minds: Jonathan van der Walt (sculptor) and Sarah Walmsley (sculptor) who both specialise in figurative sculptures using bronze, resin and glass and Robyn Munnick (fine artist) who creates multi-model paintings that form an installation.

The COYSA collective said of the project: “Thanks to the vast size of the billboard we were able to experiment with the recognisable aesthetic of rubbish and use its texture, colour and scale.

"We're grateful to have been given this opportunity and its great to be part of a campaign to prevent future pollution as well as providing us with creative ammunition to convey this powerful message and demonstrate the environmental frustration that exists.

“The team is fascinated at how it all came together, layer by layer, working as a solid creative unit while adding our unique touches. We hope that it will be well received and bring about great awareness."

Watch this space, and look forward to more initiatives and incentives to ‘Clean Up Your Hood For Good.’

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