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Patriotic Alliance withdrawal from coalition 'regrettable, but has no effect': DA

Sep 21, 2017
Patriotic Alliance withdrawal from coalition 'regrettable, but has no effect': DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape on Thursday said that it has noted the withdrawal of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) from the coalition government in Nelson Mandela Bay - less than a month after the party the joined the coalition.

"While this is regrettable, it has no impact on the govt's work in delivering better services, growing the economy and stopping corruption," said Cllr Mlindi Nhanha, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson.

"Our objective is to save South Africa through building an alternative to previously poor and corrupt governance."

The Patriotic Alliance was admitted into the DA-led coalition on the 28th of Augustjust days after its Councillor, Marlon Daniels, put through a motion in council that resulted in the booting out of the United Democratic Movement's (UDM), Mongameli Bobani, as Deputy Executive Mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

Watch below, Cllr Daniels putting forward a motion for the removal of Cllr Bobani;

According to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, then, he had been approached by the Patriotic Alliance, who made a request to join the coalition in Nelson Mandela Bay.  

“I would like to announce that the Patriotic Alliance is part of the co-government agreement. They have signed the agreement, there was no objection from any of the political parties, and since that has happened we are going to make appointments in the Mayoral Committee,” Trollip told reporters then.

During the press conference, Trollip also announced the Patriotic Alliance’s Daniels as the new political head of Public Health in the Mayoral Committee - a position, which had previously been occupied Bobani before he was fired by Trollip early this year.

'Patriotic Alliance used by DA and rewarded with a Mayoral Committee seat'

While protesting the removal of Bobani, UDM President, Bantu Holomisa, claimed that the Patriotic Alliance had been rewarded with the portfolio for doing the DA's dirty work.

"Again, the flagrant, unmitigated double standard is as appalling as it is shameful.

"It is a fact that the DA encouraged and pressured Members of Parliament to vote their conscience in the August 8 motion of no confidence in President Zuma, and are now sanctioning Bobani for his considered voting record in Council. Yet again, the flagrant, unmitigated double standard is as appalling as it is shameful," Holomisa said then.

"In typical DA baasskap style, the DA ordered an acolyte, Patriotic Alliance (PA) councillor Marlon Daniels, won over with a mayoral committee seat, and unilaterally invited to join the coalition government, to table the motion is so insulting that more than half the councillors walked out in disgust while the DA Speaker hastily counted remaining heads in an emptying chamber.

"The UDM, a loyal, and the largest DA coalition partner at the time, had not even been consulted on the PA joining ranks. Accordingly, the PA’s inclusion in the coalition government is invalid and of no force and effect. The PA was, apparently, sneaked in to front its new master’s dirty work.

"Quite ridiculous. If the DA can ever be said to be transparent, it is because the DA’s intimidation tactics are so transparent."

Patriotic Alliance issues ultimatum to DA-led coalition

Ahead of Thursday's failed council meeting, the Patriotic Alliance gave the DA-led coalition an ultimatum to ensure that Cllr Daniels was elected as the new Deputy Executive Mayor or the party would leave the coalition.

Following a boycott by the UDM, the African National Congress (ANC) and other smaller, the council meeting had to be disbanded as it would not constitute a quorum.

When questioned about the possibility of appointing a new Deputy Executive Mayor to replace Bobani, Trollip stated; “I do not have the unilateral right or power as the Executive Mayor to appoint the Deputy Mayor.

“It’s got to be done in conjunction with all of our coalition partners, and the opportunity to have that discussion has not happened yet.”

Hours later, the Patriotic Alliance announced that it was leaving the DA-led coalition

In the meantime, Daniels will remain the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's head of Public Health until Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip decides to remove him, which would see him then joining ranks with the anti-DA bloc, he told a local radio station.