Tip offs: if you know something that we don’t!

At RNEWS, we won’t know everything happening around you – can be hidden skeletons in closets, questionable business deals, secrets and hidden wrong-doings.

Just remember, at RNEWS, we don’t only report on unscrupulous politicians or businessmen but also love daily breaking news in South Africa and from around the world, from general news to business, sport, arts and leisure.

With your tip offs

Be as brief and direct as possible. Your information will be treated as confidential. Your name won't be published in the newspaper or on the website unless you agree to it. Remember we have a broad focus and may not necessarily report on every local community meeting or cats in trees.

We cannot guarantee that your tip-off will turn into a story - and we cannot respond to every tip-off received, but our reporters will evaluate your information and contact you if they find it useful. If you want to send our reporters a tip-off about a potential story, big or small, you are welcome to email us at [email protected].

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